A Florida Republican state lawmaker got audible gasps when he admitted that he and other conservatives hate LGBTQ+ people.

State Rep. Jeff Holcomb (R) was speaking on Monday on the floor of the Florida House of Representatives about a bill to urge Congress to get rid of the “woke social engineering and experimentation practices” in the U.S. military.

“Isis, the Taliban, and Al-Qaeda, those are the folks who discriminate. We bombed a building in 2017 like we never usually do,” he said. “We bombed it because they threw homosexuals off that building.”

“Our terrorist enemies hate homosexuals more than we do,” he said to stress that the hatred of Republicans supporting the bill isn’t the worst out there. “They’re the ones who discriminate.”

Video of the statement was posted to Twitter by gay former state Rep. Carlos Guillermo Smith (D), who is running for state senate. 

Holcomb was speaking about Florida S.M. 1382, which would have the state of Florida send copies of a text to President Joe Biden and other federal officials demanding that the military stop engaging in “woke social engineering and experimentation practices.” The bill cites the military’s opposition to racism in the workplace and the facts that “openly gay and bisexual men and women have been allowed to serve in the military” and “the ban on transgender individuals serving in the military was lifted” as examples of “woke” military policies.

His speech comes after years of attacks on LGBTQ+ people’s rights from the Florida state legislature, including the state’s infamous Don’t Say Gay bill, its ban on transgender students participating in school sports, and its most recent bill to allow doctors to refuse care for LGBTQ+ people.

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“The Governor Of Oklahonma Wants To Put Ole Red From PBS-TV Down” (yes as in dead!) And he plans to kill public broadcasting system which brings educational televised programs to children and adults in Oklahoma because he thinks Ole Red and maybe This Ole House and an episode of Ken Burns America at the Grand Ole Opry, really anything has been trying to convert children, that educational television is ‘grooming’ children to do anything that goes wrong. And most likely turning the whole world gay. Of course people have to understand you cannot make another person gay. Anymore than I can make you straight, bi, transgender, queer, lesbian, innersex or anyone, anywhere what they are not.

What do you think about Oklahoma governor Kevin Twits trying to strip PBS funding over shows like “Clifford the Big Red Dog” allegedly indoctrinating children to be LBGTQ?

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From the Com Commander

It is why so many people for constitutional rights go crazy in states like Oklahoma, because what Bert and Ernie could be doing just drives some people crazy. After all, people like Governor Twit of Oklahoma have nothing to do but sit around and think about what puppets are doing in the middle of the afternoon. Or perhaps it is what he would like to have them do that he is thinking about. Who sits around and thinks about children’s puppets getting all worked up to the point that he must go to extremes. Fishnet stockings or thigh highs., no doubt he is a furry fluffer. Anyone who could cancel Elmo and stop a kid sitting in Roll from relating to the same program his cousin watches from Beggs and enjoys (or did) – before the governor used his position to gain political gravitas to try and win political points by withholding finances and redirecting spending, so more money gets splashed on a mansion or highway around Tulsa, or a project gets him a resource that has his name tossed around. So perhaps some national recognition from someone – who could notice he is not some dirt road Joe – if they win a presidential election. He wants to tell potential presidential candidates needing a cabinet appointee that he’ll do it, anything. He wants out of Oklahoma, so he is cutting off Big Bird to children and the next Masterpiece Theater and Antique Road Show to families. Thinking someone will notice him.

Screwing the state’s Native Americans hasn’t helped get him anywhere. Neither has he got credit for helping build a new Governor’s Mansion. Especially since a local television station called him out over bidding practices and contracts, it was disclosed earlier this year that he would never get to reside in the palace since his term limit will end with his current term. Of course, we know how GOP members can change laws to suit them in serving their constituents. Just consider Florida and its Governor. Still, there is a joint agreement in the notion that a twit’s angle to get noticed – thinking he will get a cabinet appointment by one of the extremists running for president should one win. Plus, it holds water in another aspect—the killing of broadcasting outlets to gain control of their content. They received instructions from their hero this year at CPAC. And he most likely met in private with a handful of state leaders, telling them how to accomplish this anti-American procedure. You can read about how it is accomplished from the GOP’s model here!

Gov Twit has likely never watched a single episode of the program he slates as a reason for his actions. And neither has anyone probably suggested its contents are so terrible. The most likely explanation for all the noise is someone, a talking head, found if they targeted an object or a show by suggesting a feature was queer or pandered to kids trying to get them to turn from straight to gay or trans (which is impossible) people would increase their listening or viewing audience or to raise-send more money. Those are the basis for these topics. You can’t change someone’s sexuality. If you think you can – try modifying your own, change it, do it for real, and tell everyone how you like the other side.

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