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Holiday Shipping Is Picking Up And So Are Scams Targeting You And Members Of Your Family

Original report found at – https://kfor.com/news/local/usps-3-redelivery-scam-hits-ok-residents/

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Another day, another scam. This time, some clever crooks are impersonating the United States Postal Service, sending texts to unsuspecting folks about undelivered packages and asking for payment information.

The texts say – “Your package has arrived at a transit center, but we could not sort and ship it due to incorrect shipping information on the box.”

And when you click the link that follows this sentence, it takes you to a website that looks like the United States Postal Service but, in reality, isn’t.

United States Postal Inspector for the Fort Worth Division Paul Ecker has seen the text and realistic-looking web page and calls them “aggravating.” “When I see these images, they look spectacular,” he said. “These scammers make much effort to scam people. And so, while I’m impressed, I’m at the same time infuriating.”

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Lower Great Plains resident Peter Conser tells a news station that within a half-hour, he, his wife, and his son all got the text on Monday. His wife began filling out her info, getting to a page that asked for $3 to “redeliver” her package. “And I said, honey, they’re trying to scam you,” he told her as he stopped her from finishing the form.

“If they could do this to 100,000 people at $3 and then have their bank account information, who knows how many untold millions they could get?” he continued. “So, it’s a problem. We’re getting into where it will be Christmas, and people are expecting packages.”Ecker advises that whenever you get unsolicited texts like this, be extremely cautious about providing personally identifiable information.

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“Especially when it gets to social security numbers, driver’s license numbers, any credit or debit card, bank account, or personal identifying information. That’s when you should start to have the antennas raised, be cautious about what that link is, and start doing some research,” he said.

Ecker said you can report these scams to the United States Postal Inspection Service on their website or by calling (877) 876-2455.

Original report found at – https://kfor.com/news/local/usps-3-redelivery-scam-hits-ok-residents/

Good Grief – Death And Dying. Why are so many people going to their graves battling for the best prices on final resting plots?

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You Matter!

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Thank you for participating and taking action in your local communities this year! We are counting down the weeks to the end of the year, and everything you have taken part in to make today’s world a better one is evident. From saving state houses, holding on to majorities in certain political circles, and speaking out when you thought injustices were about to be dealt to someone, whether you knew them or not.

It takes all of us to make our world a better place. Undoubtedly, if we continue our commitment to a better tomorrow, we will keep the idea that is the basis for the United States alive!

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We celebrate you these last weeks of 2022. However, you wish to hoot and holler. We acknowledge your right to do so or not. May the year’s final weeks be splendid and filled with the joys you wish, continued goodwill to others, and love and peace to all.

Ben and Steve

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