Welcome To Groff-Swint’s Home Out West

We hope you find information that is informative and details that may help you change perspectives on how you view the world. For the better, we trust.

Life is simple. It is when we get in the way that makes it so complicated. And to that extent, we will look forward to the following pages to see how we can come together as neighbors, a society, people of a nation, and a world.

Here we hope to share our ride through life.

Ben and Steve

Please Note that Social Network Resource Policy Updates Concerning – Groff-Swint Media™ LLC -serving as benandsteve.com, Groff-Swint Home Out West, and Galaxy8News are available on the CONTACT PAGE.  You will learn why there is no Tik-Tok or Twitter Button, and the latest updates will advise you of other social networks that Groff-Swint Media™ LLC does not use. Thank you! 

This Is Not A Paid Advertisement

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