Get Woke! You Others Take Your Shit And Get!

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The term ‘WOKE,’ as used by the GOP in attacking minority groups, is by design a set of prejudices and hatred fueled values that do not reflect the genuine concerns that the original meaning of being ‘WOKE’ intends by Communities of Color and others seeking civil liberties due to their differences. In the Black Community, Woke means being conscious of racial discrimination in society and other forms of oppression and injustice. Being woke in the GOP means that white privilege is in danger, and ‘those people’ suggesting anyone who is unlike them, make up the totality of increasing numbers for which all different groups will join together and overpower their top standing, and are planning to overthrow the world powers and pose a threat to white authority.

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In such a case, the GOP appears threatened by too many Gays, Blacks, Hispanics, Chinese, Japanese, Muslims, Jewish or other individuals recurring (ad Infinitum) that fail to toe the mark demanding of a conservative peer. But, when most balanced, equally adjusted individuals talk about being woke or becoming woke, they’re talking about being well-informed and well-aware of systemic oppression and injustice. So it’s an odd critique on Republicans’ and conservatives’ part to suggest that being woke is terrible. However, one must note of the ability to mislead, remember the GOP can spin a pussy grabber into becoming a saint (in his own eyes). Taking positive situations and hoping to drag them through the bowels of the lower east side to gut it and make such a useless resource is, after all, what the organization is known best for doing from Richard M. Nixon to a President AWOL during Hurricane Katrina.

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Taking a ray of positivity by destroying a word coined for hope, encouragement, and faith and racially raping it for political folly is a simple planish trick that appears to be right in line for today’s grand old prunes. Today’s GOP often claims ownership of President Abraham Lincoln, but his policies, standards, and morals cannot be considered even close to their agenda driven whacks. Lincoln was far too liberal and he was who laid bare the Emancipation Proclamation. If Abe were alive today, his membership would receive a blackball ejecting him from being associated with the klaverns faster than one Miss Liz Cheney. And, don’t be fooled, The early 1900 era President Woodrow Wilson would be escorted about town on the Trump Train, tooted on every turn, and chugged on every climb. His brand of Democratic Representation would have Steve Bannon converting. Noose be damned.

Woodrow Wilson was a Dixiecrat when Dixiecrats weren’t cool. He actually delivered on the conservatives anything they wished, and may have been cloaked as DINO.

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The South’s only rise again is when there are enabling individuals who find old playbooks of what caused the holy South to stand and show themselves. Even though we are looking at generational prejudices that some claim is their birthright, we are looking at the United States of America never standing and delivering an ultimatum telling those Civil Losers, here are the terms of your surrender, and this will be how you treat your fellow compatriots. And any attempts to overthrow your government other than through legal elections will result in the loss of all rights to property ownership. Sure the last line is testy. It has a bit of the Old Country’s King’s tone, but if you attempt to overthrow our government, is it right that you are so dissatisfied with what you want to own real property in this country? Why wouldn’t you be deported if you attacked the country you are supposed to love?


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