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Good Grief – Death And Dying. Why are so many people going to their graves battling for the best prices on final resting plots?

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It’s the hottest place in town regarding most business models in the industry. “Everyone is dying to do business with the local funeral directors and cemeteries,” one potential client said!

People Checking Out And The Funeral Industry – how funeral homes are making killing off people dying!

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Guiding Grief


Everyone’s grief journey is different. Guiding Grief™ was created to offer perspectives from those who have experienced all types of grief. While this private resource library can never replace therapy or a support group, these 27 videos were created to give those faced with loss an overview of what they may experience, how normal that is, and how to avoid common mistakes in caring for themselves and making decisions while grieving. Guiding Grief™ is the perfect gift. What better way to begin healing than to learn what helped others?

Find the information you need to have all your concerns met.

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benandsteve.com and Groff-Swint’sHomeOutWest Blog and or Galaxy8News, AKA: Groff-Swint Media™ LLC is not associated with Guiding Grief™ its related pages, owners, or associates. The link to its information intent is to allow an information resource referral only. The reference is not an endorsement but a suggested source to include in establishing facts you need to make important decisions regarding final arrangements for you or a loved one.

You Matter!

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Thank you for participating and taking action in your local communities this year! We are counting down the weeks to the end of the year, and everything you have taken part in to make today’s world a better one is evident. From saving state houses, holding on to majorities in certain political circles, and speaking out when you thought injustices were about to be dealt to someone, whether you knew them or not.

It takes all of us to make our world a better place. Undoubtedly, if we continue our commitment to a better tomorrow, we will keep the idea that is the basis for the United States alive!

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We celebrate you these last weeks of 2022. However, you wish to hoot and holler. We acknowledge your right to do so or not. May the year’s final weeks be splendid and filled with the joys you wish, continued goodwill to others, and love and peace to all.

Ben and Steve